Surprising Mommy Milestones

First Baby-Picture Key Chain

No matter how tacky you thought these things were back before you had a baby of your own, you will soon understand their appeal. You will feel compelled to dress your infant in something frilly, prop her up, jump up and down in the hopes that she'll smile for the camera, and get that portrait. Once that's done, you'll not only spring for the most expensive package, you'll want to throw in the key-chain option as well. And admit it -- wouldn't those portrait coffee mugs make a great gift for Grandma and Grandpa? Go on. Give in to the urge (and get one for yourself while you're at it). Resistance is futile. Remind yourself how handy your new key chain will be when you're out in public and want to show the world how especially adorable your kids are. But be warned: These are a direct precursor to those silly bumper stickers that declare, "Proud Parent of an A Student at Oakwood School."

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