Surprising Mommy Milestones

First Time Breastfeeding in Public

Pain. Panic. Modesty. Name your motivator. Your infant is screaming with hunger and you're starting to look like the winner of a wet T-shirt contest. And there's nowhere discreet to go. That's when you start to internalize your right to use your breasts for what they're there for, darn it! So you sit right down on the bench in front of the bank, hoist your shirt up, and pop that baby on. Not so bad, is it? And nobody's really looking anyway -- or are they? Well, so what? You're on official mom business. This starts you down the road of not caring what the public thinks about how you're dressed, what you're feeding your kid, how you're handling (or not handling) those tantrums, and so on, right through the teenage years. "Yeah, that's my kid. You got a problem with facial piercings?"

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