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Demystifying the Car Seat

One day a university will offer a PhD in car seat studies. Until that time, we parents are on our own. Car seats, their care and installation, their weight limit and directional regulations, are probably the number-one topic of conversation among new parents, after how our stitches are healing and how little sleep we're getting. And it's no wonder. You'd think the centerpiece of our children's car safety would come with instructions so simple you could memorize them before leaving the hospital.

At some point you'll devise a way of lashing your car seat into your car that seems safe, but you'll continue to have nagging doubts that maybe it's not. So you'll go ahead and conduct a week's worth of research and analysis until you arrive at a version of the truth you can live with. At this point, you'll be a car seat expert (at least for this model year) and you'll have one less furrow to botox out of your brow later. In the meantime, think about how cool it would be if there were a reality TV show featuring the CEOs of the car seat companies competing to get their products into two-door economy cars.

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