8 New Mom Stresses -- and How to Relieve Them

I Need a Breastfeeding Break

"My baby depends so much on me -- after all, I'm breastfeeding. Plus, I'm the one on maternity leave. But I would kill to get a break every now and then."

Then, honey, you need to take one! "I explained to my husband that however much he'd love to stay home all day and play with our son, Casey, he had the easier job going to work because his day was predictable and he had only himself to take care of," says Kristy McCarthy Weight, of Annapolis, Maryland. "After that, he became very good at reading me. He knew almost before I did when I needed time to myself. If I looked exhausted, he'd suggest having his mother come over so I could get some rest. Or if I was frazzled, he'd offer to take Casey while I got a manicure." Wagle started a weekly time-swap ritual: "Wednesday is my night. My husband will watch Jack, and I'll have drinks or dinner with friends or go shopping. Then I'll return the favor for him on Thursday."

And don't feel guilty! You deserve it, and you'll be a better mom because of it. "Oh my God, I feel 10 times better when I get home from my night out," Wagle says. "Getting a little distance helps me see Jack in a whole new light. I have so much more patience and energy, and I really appreciate him." Plus, Barnhill adds, babies are brilliant at picking up on our emotions. If you're feeling good, it's going to rub off on her as well. And, ultimately, that's what we all want: a happy, confident kid.

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