New Moms Tell It Like It Is

Mothers Are Gods


KIRSTEN: Focusing on the marriage is hard. I finally get the baby to bed and I am completely exhausted. But I still have to spend time with my husband. I just can't let myself zone out.

LS: The demands on new mothers' time are incredible. But one thing that keeps coming up here is the worry over some of the smaller things. I would urge you to think back more to your own childhood. When you find yourself worrying about one thing, stop and think about how you were parented and how you may be overcompensating for it.

ALICIA: I have a new appreciation for my mother. I always thought of her as just a mother, and I see that my son thinks of me that way, too. I'm not really a person to him; I'm a mommy. It was only after I had my child that I realized my mother was a god.

LS: Mothers are gods. I like that concept.

ALICIA: She was a tireless person who never complained. She was a stay-at-home mom. Dinner was always on time. I can never get dinner ready on time; my husband has to do it. Every day, I call her and say, "I just want to tell you -- you are amazing."

LS: That's good that you tell her; you'll want your children to do that for you, too.

JESSICA: I'm so scared of my kids not knowing who I am as a person.

AMANDA: But you are a person, and it's also scary to let them know too much.

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