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Going Back to Work


ALICIA FIDELMAN: My mother stayed home, so it's kind of different that I'm actually working. Just recently, since I had my second child, I went part-time, which is a lot easier, but it's still not perfect. It's hard to balance everything, even working part-time, because you don't feel you're giving enough to the office and you certainly don't feel you're giving enough to your child.

JESSICA ORBACH: I wasn't raised in an environment where I had any female role models who balanced home and work. I had a terrific mother, but she never really had a job or even any outside interests. I'm feeling guilty about wanting to know when I'm going to get to fulfill my own needs, because right now I know you're supposed to put your husband and child first.

LS: Who said you're supposed to do that? Do you think your mother instilled that in you?


KIRSTEN KERN: I haven't gone back to work, and that's hard, too. It's like you don't have an identity of your own anymore. You went to college and spent your whole life building up a career, and now that you don't do that, you realize how much your work was a part of who you are.

LIZ BENTLEY: What I've discovered is that it's the emotional issues of parenting that are the hardest to grasp -- not just physically doing it all. It's all about getting an identity and being emotionally happy with what you're doing.

DEBORAH ROGERS: This job we have as mothers is a completely full-time job and should be honored as such.

LS: That's right. You're CEO of the family.

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