6 New Mom Secrets

Simple Outings Require Tons of Prep (and Supplies!)

Sara Lise Raff, of New York City, found out about traveling non-lightly just two weeks after her son, Elias, was born. "We were going to a pool party," she says, "and it took us a good two hours to get ready!"

"I feel like a pack mule when I go out," Whitmore says. "Stroller, baby carrier, hat, blankets, burp cloths, two outfit changes, breast pads, a change of clothes for myself, sunscreen, toy, pacifier I can go on and on." It's easy to forget key gear, but even when you manage to remember all the essentials, Murray says, "it's inevitable that one of you will end up with spit-up on your outfit as you're about to leave."

"Realizing I can prep certain things ahead of time made getting out the door much simpler," says Calame. "Plus, dressing and doing my hair first, then a quick feeding and a diaper change for the baby, kept us on schedule." In those early weeks, Taylor learned to consolidate trips outside the home. "Once I did get out the door, it was such a production that I wanted to accomplish everything in one outing."

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