5 New-Mom Guilt Cures

Am I Doing Everything Right?

New Mom Guilt

Dave Wheeler

The plethora of child-rearing advice out there makes your job as a parent easier, but also harder. It's great that all this information is available, but it ends up putting a lot of pressure on moms to have all the answers. "Throughout that first year, I pored over articles and harassed my friends. How long should I breastfeed? Can he sleep with us once in a while? Am I going to damage him if I let him cry it out?" says Kristen Donohue, of Verona, New Jersey, mom to Bobby, 3, and Sean, 8 months. "The list went on and on. I never felt I was doing things perfectly or doing enough for my sweet baby."

The fact that the advice you hear or read is often conflicting -- two people saying different things -- can make you second-guess everything. The key is to remember that there really is no right way to be a mom. "Eventually I realized that I had to just trust myself and know that I was doing the best I possibly could," Donohue says. "That's all any of us can do." Another way to ease those nagging insecurities is to be supportive of other moms' choices too.

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