5 Common New-Mom Challenges

You Hate Your Husband

Okay, hate may be too strong a word. But many new moms -- who assumed having a baby would bring them closer to their sweetheart -- are shocked to find themselves at their husband's throat. "You'll probably think about divorcing your husband at least a dozen times during that first year -- and that's totally normal!" says Kunhardt. "After all, adjusting to your new role as parents adds an unbelievable amount of stress to even the strongest relationship." New mothers may feel that their husband doesn't understand just how challenging it is to care for a baby 24/7. They may resent having to take on most of the household and baby-care chores that they thought would be more evenly split. Men, meanwhile, feel more pressure than ever to succeed at their job and provide financially for their family. So it's no wonder that the mood in your house is often anything but warm, fuzzy, or romantic.

How to cope: "First of all, realize that your spouse is probably doing the very best he can," says Kunhardt. "Second, acknowledge that taking care of a child is really hard and it's going to temporarily stress your relationship." From there, the most important thing to do is talk about what's bothering you. "Let your husband know what you need from him -- after all, he can't read your mind," says Spiegel. If, for example, you really feel that you're doing all the cleaning and cooking, don't fume about it: Sit down with him and make a list of what each of you could do. Sometimes, just having your husband take over a night feeding so you get extra sleep, or asking him to do the laundry once a week, can make all the difference.

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