Best Moms' Worst Days

Feeding & Diaper Uh-Ohs

Missed His Mouth

I remember one particular early-morning feeding during the first few weeks after bringing our son home from the hospital. I was so tired I just could not keep my eyes open. When my husband found us, I had fallen asleep and the bottle had slipped out of my son's mouth and was now pointed directly in his ear. He must have known that I was seriously sleep deprived because he didn't fuss at all, he just looked up at me as if to say, "Mom, something's not quite right about this."

-- Deanne, Colin's Mom

Mixed Drinks

I was fixing my 4-month-old daughter a bottle of formula and my husband a glass of iced tea. We were out of ready-made tea, so I pulled out the instant iced tea mix. I brought my husband the bottle for him to feed the baby, and told him I was about to bring his tea out.

He began laughing -- which infuriated me as I was sleep-deprived and cranky -- and said, "Don't worry about making a pitcher. Four ounces ought to do it." Turns out I'd filled my baby's bottle with the iced tea. I was confused, though, because I knew I had dipped two scoops of formula -- I could smell it on my fingers. I checked the kitchen and yes, indeed -- I'd prepared a pitcher of formula.

-- Novalea's Mom

Proud Pooper

My son hadn't pooped in two days. Usually when he doesn't go for a while, it's literally all over the place when he finally does. Going about my day as normal, I decided to throw on some new clothes -- a cute white shirt -- and take him to the mall. I was holding Isaiah when all of a sudden his poopy decided to show up...all over my new shirt. I went to the bathroom and tried to salvage what was left of my shirt, without any luck. A little boy came up to me and said, "Eww, did your baby poop on you?" I said to him, "Yes, and I wear it with pride!"

-- Jennifer, Isaiah's Mom

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Originally published on, April 2005.

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