New-Parent Social Rules: Where You Can Take Baby


In a perfect world

You want your baby to be a part of your faith community right from the start so that by the time she's a toddler, she'll be familiar with your traditions.

The reality

No matter what your denomination, houses of worship are traditionally welcoming of all ages. In fact, members of a congregation are usually encouraged to attend services as a family. While many churches allow you to take your baby into the service, many also have a nursery or a "crying room," where parents can hear and see what's going on while tending to their noisy or fussy little ones. Check with your church, temple, or mosque. Otherwise, sit on the aisle so you can slip out or take turns with your husband walking your baby around if she gets cranky.

Our advice

Hit the pew. Just be wary of too many people handling the baby during flu season. Offer folks cute tootsies to touch to avoid spreading germs to hands and face.

Originally published in Parents magazine.

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