New-Parent Social Rules: Where You Can Take Baby

Sure, there are plenty of places where your little one isn't welcome. But don't worry, your social life's not over now that you have kids. Follow our smart tips for toting precious along.

Baby, Don't Go There!

Infants seem so portable: Just buckle 'em in the car seat or carrier and you're ready to hit the road, right? Well, not always. Negotiating even the simplest errands with a screaming newborn strapped to your chest can boost any new mom's stress level. Then there's the whole germ thing; when your baby is just weeks old, you want to stay away from crowded indoor areas where she can catch a cold or an infection. But out you must go -- older siblings require rides to school, the fridge needs stocking, and the infant herself has doctor appointments to keep. Then, too, after a month or so, you'll be itching to leave the house for a more substantial change of scenery. Before you shop the mall for a new outfit or make reservations for a nice dinner out, lessen the stress of traveling with your baby by checking out our expert advice. Then pack your diaper bag and take off.

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