Top Ten Surprises of New Fatherhood

At some point not long after the baby is born, just about every new father gets hit with a sharp jolt of reality: he's a father -- with new responsibilities, new pressures, new expectations to live up to. For some of us, this seemingly basic little epiphany comes early, before we leave the hospital. But for others, reality may not hit for a few days. Sooner or later, though, we all come to realize that our lives have changed forever. Sometimes the changes are subtle, sometimes not so subtle. But they're almost always surprising.

You May Be Confused

If there's one thing that sets the first few months of fatherhood apart from the next few years it's the confusing and often conflicting emotions you may feel. On the one hand there's the virility, power, and pride at having created a new life. On the other, the feelings of helplessness when you can't satisfy (or sometimes even understand) your baby's needs.

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