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Your Mission: Lunch Out

What to know before you go: Mealtime with a munchkin can be a real rush. You just never know when your dozing angel may wake to clue you (and your fellow diners) in to his ravenous appetite. Kaamna Bhojwani?Dhawan, of San Francisco, found this out fast: "I booked lunch with a friend at a nice restaurant," says the mom of Karam, 2, who is expecting her second. Bad idea! "The baby started fussing before the salads arrived, and all eyes were on me." Better bet: Pick a casual place with a boisterous din so any feed-me ?now howls will blend in with the hubbub. Go before noon or after 2 P.M., and make a seasoned mommy your lunch partner. When you need to nurse or have an unapologetic vent fest midmeal, she'll understand. "I went to a diner with my sister Amy, a mother of two," say Noelle Albanito, of Morris Plains, New Jersey, whose kids are 2 months and 4. "She made sure we got a booth where I could breastfeed. And she piled our coats under me to boost up my son--insta-nursing pillow. I never would have thought of that!"

While you're there: Even if the ribs have your mouth watering, opt for a meal you can eat with one hand, such as a salad or a sandwich wrap, in case you need to hold your child or bounce him on your knee. Ask for the check when you order dessert so you can make a quick getaway if you need to. Finally, watch that servers don't pass plates or hot beverages over the baby, warns Paul Horowitz, M.D., a pediatrician at Discovery Pediatrics, in Valencia, California. Bon appétit!

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