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Your Mission: Pediatrician's Visit

What to know before you go: It sounds like an Amazing Race--worthy challenge. You've been a mom for a mere few days when you're expected to whisk you, your bambino, and all his gear to the doctor's office. Ha! But you can do it. The secret is in the scheduling. Book your appointment for after 11 A.M. Even though Baby is up early, getting the two of you ready takes more prep than getting yourself anywhere. Budget a good half hour or so for the unexpected, like the diaper that leaks as you're locking the door. Dress your newborn in easy?access clothing (think leg snaps). Finally, don't forget a cover, says Elyse Bender-Segall, of Livingston, New Jersey, mother to Maddon, 10 months. At their first outing to the pediatrician, the nurse asked her to undress her son and keep him warm with his blanket until the doc arrived. "I was completely unprepared, so I ripped off my shirt and used it for Maddon," she says. "I had to stand there in a stained tank top!" Call ahead to see if the office can email you paperwork to complete in advance. Jot a list of questions to ask while you're at it.

While you're there: Mommy brain and medical instructions don't mix, so write down any recommendations from the doc. And don't forget to refer to your list of questions. (It's that Mommy brain thing again!)

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