Honeymoon Babies: 4 Challenges and Solutions

From dating to diapers -- in 60 seconds flat! Here are some solutions to surviving the challenges of baby's arrival on the heels of a honeymoon.

Got Married...Got Pregnant Right Away

My husband David and I were in our late 30s when we met and married, so we were well aware that conceiving a child could take a long time -- or might never happen. After three months of marital bliss, we threw away the birth control to gain some lead time in the race against the clock. We were certain it wouldn't happen right away. We figured we had plenty of time.

But after only a few weeks of trying, around the same time I was discovering some of my husband's less desirable bachelor habits, such as leaving piles of dirty laundry everywhere, voila! There I was, racing for the toilet in the mornings. Our shock turned to joy, and we were thrilled when our son, Keenan, was born in November 2003. But that doesn't mean that it's been easy.

Babies can bring many stresses to a family, stresses that newlyweds just figuring out how to share the bathroom sink may have more difficulty navigating than seasoned couples with years of negotiation under their belts. So what do you do when you're both a newlywed and a new parent and everything is just so...new? Here's some advice from couples and experts on how to face the challenges that come with a honeymoon baby.

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