New Parent Emotions: A Cry in the Dark

Your Anti-Freakout Plan

We all have days when we reach our limit. The important thing is that you acknowledge the frustration and anger welling up inside you and that you don't take it out on your child. "It's difficult to be the mother of a crying baby," says Carole Morgan, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles. "Try to avoid feeling guilty about your emotions, but attempt to regroup so you can get back to taking care of her." Do your best to understand why your infant is crying. If the answer is unclear, take her outside for a walk to clear your head, or ask a partner or neighbor to step in until you can steady yourself. If you ever feel you might harm your baby, put her in her crib and call in a backup right away. "If this is a recurring issue, seek help from a therapist," Dr. Morgan adds. - Jessie Wohlgemuth

Originally published in the October 2012 issue of American Baby magazine.

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