7 Common New-Parent Worries

Why is breastfeeding sometimes so awkward and painful?

The mouth-to-nipple union isn't always a smooth one. In fact, the most common nursing problem for new moms is when baby can't latch on. "Sometimes it just takes trial and error with different positions -- and a ton of patience," Dr. Rome says. Try the classic cradle hold or even a football grip (hold him to your side like a football). To detect a good latch, listen for a change of sounds -- from short, quick sucks to long, slow gulps (his jaw will move up and down when he's getting milk). If it hurts, and it shouldn't after a few days, make sure his mouth covers your entire areola, says Mehmet C. Oz, MD, coauthor of YOU: Having a Baby. Cracked nipples? Try a lubrication cream from Lansinoh or Mustela. For any troubles, talk to a lactation specialist.

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