Life as a New Parent

Congratulations on your new role and welcome to motherhood (or fatherhood)! It comes naturally for some, more slowly for others. Here you'll get answers to all those new parent questions on life after baby including how to cope with sleep deprivation, how to lose the baby weight, how to deal with new parent emotions, and more.

11 Truths of Parenthood

Reading the diary I kept when my daughter was young, I cringe at how little I knew--but I'm proud of how much I've learned.

20 Things No One Told You About Motherhood

Here are the little new mom secrets that you won't find in the baby books.

Sleep Deprivation After Baby

After you have a baby, you'll probably need more sleep than ever before. Here's how to get it.

Baby Shopping Guide

Going shopping for new items for your baby? Here are the must-haves (and the don't-needs) to help you shop smart.

Surviving the First Year of Parenthood

New parents share their strategies for finding some much-needed "me time" after the baby arrives.

Why Are New Moms So Moody?

The wide range of feelings you'll experience during the first few weeks can be baffling. Here's how to cope with the ups and downs.

Mommy Thumb: 5 Ways to Ease the Pain

Motherly duties can be a pain in the wrist, but a few easy tweaks can deliver much-needed relief.

Top Ten Surprises of New Fatherhood

It's not only new moms that experience a fresh wave of stress following the birth of their baby -- it's the dads, too!

25 Secrets of Happy Moms

We asked new mothers to share how they add more joy to every day -- even the really tough ones. Click through and smile!

Another Surprising Way Postpartum Depression Affects Moms

A new study finds another reason PPD is a serious matter for new moms.

Things Only Parents of Boys Will Understand

There are some things only parents of boys will understand. From their unconditional love for their mommas to furniture being turned into their own personal jungle gym, see how many you recognize.

Jessica Biel on the Parenting Feat That Freaks Her Out

Terrified to take your tot out for dinner? You're not alone!

New Moms: Don't Sweat These Things!

When you're a new mom, worrying is your new normal. You constantly question whether you're doing everything right, but take it from these moms and know that you got this!

7 Things Not to Say to a Breastfeeding Mom

Thinking of saying any of these things to a woman who's breastfeeding? Just just don't. From unsolicited advice to flat-out criticism, here are 7 things NOT to say to a nursing mom.

7 Tips for Disciplining Your Toddler

Keep your kids in line with these simple strategies.

8 New Mom Stresses -- and How to Relieve Them

Joy, excitement, and unfathomable love? Those are the new-mom emotions you're prepared for. Identity crisis? Not so much. Here is some expert advice and it-worked-for-me wisdom for eight common new-mom stresses.

Five Things a Mom Should Never Post Online

We love to see pics of your bambino, but there is such a thing as digital TMI.

New Parent Mistakes to Avoid

Being a parent is the hardest job you'll ever love. To make your first few months as goofproof and enjoyable as possible, follow our troubleshooting guide and avoid these 10 classic mistakes.

8 Ways to Combat New Moms' Sleep Troubles

Baby's finally getting some shut-eye. Why aren't you? Here are eight ways to get the best postnatal rest.

12 Ways for Dad to Bond with Baby

Bonding with a newborn can be overwhelming, especially for dad. We've gathered a few fun ways for him to spend a little extra time with his little one.

Mom Blasts Body Shamer: My Post-Baby Bump Is a 'Miracle Worker'

This mom's Instagram post tells her postpartum body shamer she's thankful for the bump that gave her a baby boy.

Ashton Kutcher and the 'Puff Daddies' Have Your New Dad Anthem

These celebrity fathers unite on the stage of 'The Late Late Show' to form the best dad band we've ever seen.

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