First Aid for Your Baby's Accidents

Head Bumps

You may never forget the first time your child falls and bumps his head. But be brave: There may be many "goose eggs" in your child's future. The trick is learning which ones merit hugs and kisses and which call for professional help.

Home Care

If your toddler falls and hits his head, examine him for other injuries, says Dr. Yacoob, and watch for changes in behavior. If he cries but stays alert, he's probably okay. Apply a cold compress to minimize swelling.

Call the Doctor If...

Your child vomits; loses consciousness briefly; doesn't want to play; seems more tired, irritable, or quiet than usual; suffers headaches; or seems generally "out of it," Dr. Yacoob says. He may have a concussion. If there's a divot in the skin of his skull, your child could have a fracture. Also call the doctor if your baby falls from a height of three feet or more -- such as off a changing table; or if your child falls while being propelled, such as off a moving swing.

Call 911 If...

Your child loses consciousness or has seizures.

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