First Aid for Choking

How to Save an Older Child

1. Perform the Heimlich maneuver: Stand or kneel behind your child with your arms around her waist. (If she's unconscious, lay her on her back and kneel at her feet.)

2. Make a fist and hold it with your other hand against your child's abdomen, just above the navel and below the rib cage. (If your child is lying down, place the heel of your hand in the middle of her stomach just above the belly button and below the rib cage, resting your other hand on top of the first.) Pressing firmly but gently on her abdomen, give upward thrusts in sets of five until the object is expelled.

3. If the object isn't cleared and your child loses consciousness, lay her on her back and open her mouth. If you see the obstruction, carefully sweep your index finger across the back of her throat to remove it.

4. Perform rescue breathing: Open the airway by tilting the head back and lifting the chin up.

5. Keeping the airway open, pinch your child's nose shut with your fingers, seal your mouth over hers, and give two slow breaths. Continue mouth-to-mouth respiration until she resumes normal breathing or medical help arrives. Note: If your child's chest doesn't begin to rise, the object is still blocking her airway. Repeat steps 1 to 5 until the object is coughed up or help arrives.

6. Even if your child seems fine after a choking incident that requires intervention, take her to the doctor to make sure that the blockage has been completely removed and that there is no lasting damage.


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