Baby Health Quirks That Are Normal

Seeing Red

While on vacation, Jody Kilpatrick noticed a spot of blood in her 7-month-old daughter's diaper. "Shauni had been straining to have a bowel movement," recalls the mom from Bechtelsville, Pennsylvania, "so I suspected it was related, but still, the sight of blood was scary." A call to the pediatrician eased her mind. Tiny cuts in the rectal area due to constipation and straining can leave blood in the diaper or even stool, Dr. Shahid says. Also, during the first few days of life, many girls will have some vaginal bleeding as the mother's hormones leave their body.

A large amount of blood in your baby's diaper, a fever, severe pain, and watery, bloody stool could signal serious intestinal problems. Loose, bloody stools, along with skin rashes, vomiting, and a refusal to eat, may be signs of a milk-protein allergy, so check in with your M.D.

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