Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Winter Woe: He's Cold in His Crib

Loose blankets increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which means that moms in northern latitudes are challenged with how to keep their sleeping babies toasty. First, dress your tot in a warm all-in-one and light cotton cap. Then, swaddle him tightly in a light blanket or use a sleep sack (it's like a sleeping bag with armholes).

It's best to keep the nursery at a temperature that's comfortable for a lightly clothed adult. This may require leaving your thermostat a smidge higher than usual at night. What about simply using a space heater? Stephen Hersey, M.D., staff physician in the section of ambulatory pediatrics at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, warns against it. "The heater could tip over and the room could go up in flames, or the baby could touch it and end up with serious burns." Better to caulk or weather-strip windows or add insulating curtains or shades.

Don't overcompensate and crank up the temp too high or put him in too many layers -- being overheated ups the risk for SIDS. Check on your baby once he's asleep: If he's sweaty, flushed, or breathing rapidly, turn down the heat or remove his swaddle or cap.

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