Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Winter can seem so much worse when you've got a vulnerable little one to protect. Try these strategies to stave off chilly weather, guard against germs, and keep your baby healthy.
baby wearing hat and coat

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While I was giving birth to my oldest son, Whit, the first snowflakes were falling in our ski resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho. It was late October, and we were facing many months of snow and temperatures that could freeze the nose off a bear. In some ways, it felt like the ideal time to hibernate with a new baby. But I couldn't help worrying: Would we be locked inside all winter? How would we keep Whit warm at night? And with cold and flu season in full force, what if he got sick?

It's true that caring for a baby in the dead of winter has challenges, but they shouldn't force you to be stuck in the house with your sweetie. Unfortunately, we can't send you and your bambino to Bermuda until it warms up. But to help, we did tap a team of experts to glean their smartest tips for handling four common cold-weather troubles. The forecast just got sunnier!

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