Winter Skin Savers

Tubtime Tips

When the wind is howling and the temperature is plummeting, it seems only natural to treat your baby to a long, warm bath. But watch out: Too much tubtime can dry out his skin.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, infants don't need to be bathed every day. But if your baby finds a daily bath soothing, you don't necessarily have to change your routine. "Just make sure the bath lasts no longer than ten minutes and that the water is lukewarm, not hot," says pediatric dermatologist Anthony J. Mancini, M.D. Afterward, pat your infant dry, then apply a thick cream or lotion. "Moisturize within three minutes of the bath, while there are still water droplets on the skin, or as soon as is practical," Dr. Mancini says. "This will help seal in the moisture."

Copyright © 2003. Reprinted with permission from the February 2003 issue of Parents magazine.

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