Your Naked Baby

If you have a delicate question about your newborn's body, we've probably got the answer here.
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Infant penis is not necessarily a term that a new mom wants to search on the Web -- or that she'd want another person finding in her search history. But our knowledge about "down there" is often as fuzzy as an ultrasound screen image, and once we're in the daily routine of changing diapers, having a clear view doesn't always equal having a clear understanding of what's going on.

Discussing your baby's privates with your pediatrician can be uncomfortable, but try not to be shy. "It's much better to ask a question that might be perceived as embarrassing than not to ask and find out that it is actually an important question," advises pediatrician Peter J. Everett, M.D., of Rockville, Maryland. Doctors have heard it all. Read on for their answers to the most awkward -- and common -- questions about boys and girls.

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