6 Normal (but Alarming) Baby Health Issues

What Temperature Indicates That Baby Needs to See a Doctor?

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Like it or not, by the time he's a year old, your baby is bound to burn up. And when he does, the thermometer's readout may make you gasp. Fevers of 102, 103, even 104 degrees F. are common in children. While they may merit a call to the doc, they shouldn't cause a panic.

"Fever and the symptoms that accompany it, such as congestion or vomiting, are your baby's way of fighting infection," Dr. Danielson says. "Babies tolerate high fever -- 104 degrees plus -- a lot better than we do, and duration is usually a much better indicator of illness than how high it is."

Here's when to bring your baby to the pediatrician, Dr. Danielson says: if the fever lasts more than a day, if other symptoms interfere with baby's ability to get rest and eat well, or if your parental instinct tells you something is wrong.

If your baby is younger than 2 months and comes down with a fever, you'll need to take it more seriously and get him checked out immediately -- with newborns, it's much trickier to figure out which infections might be brewing.

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