6 Normal (but Alarming) Baby Health Issues

How Much Spit-Up Is Too Much?

The word "spit-up" brings to mind something small, like drool. But there's nothing minute about massive spit-ups that splatter all over the floor. These usually start immediately after birth and crescendo at around 3 months. "From the time my milk came in, my son was spitting up huge puddles that covered everything, about 10 times a day," says Kimberly McCreight, of Brooklyn, New York. "The sheer volume was so startling that I asked about it every time I went to the doctor."

It's not the volume that matters, says Gregory Germain, MD, associate clinical professor of pediatrics at Yale School of Medicine. There's no need to worry about a baby who's steadily gaining weight and seems happy even when she's spitting up a lot. "It's shocking," Dr. Germain adds. "A baby can spit up so much that it covers the floor, but when you measure the amount, it's just a fraction of what she ate." Your baby has a problem, such as acid reflux, if she seems to be in pain during or directly before or after spitting up; if she's gaining weight very slowly; or if she has recurrent respiratory problems, such as wheezing or pneumonia. Otherwise, trust that by about 6 months, the spit-up saga will be behind you.

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