What Does It Take to Lose the Baby Weight?

Three moms with young kids and no time were able to drop the pounds. You can too!

The Baby Weight Challenge

Missy Cox, Allison Finnegan, Jennifer Paugh

Kaysh Shinn

If you're a new mom, you've probably found that your postbaby life is richer than you ever dreamed. If only you felt the same about your postbaby body! You'd love to take off some weight and lose the pooch that wasn't there before, but eating right and exercising take time. And time is one thing you just don't have a lot of. How can you change your routines? We found three new moms who wanted to lose weight, but each had a different challenge. We hooked each of them up with a trainer and a nutritionist who helped them create a routine that would work -- not just for a four-month time span but for a lifetime. While each participant had a different issue relating to her lifestyle, the nutritionists and trainers on the project found common problems -- our moms were eating too much processed food and not enough protein, vegetables, and whole grains. And no one was doing much in the way of exercise. So how did these three busy moms change their eating habits and fit in exercise? What they learned could work for you too!

The Experts

  • New York City nutritionist Keri Glassman, author of The Snack Factor Diet (Crown). Best advice: "Snacking wisely prevents overeating and gives you energy."
  • Des Moines nutritionist Jane Hemminger, RD. Best advice: "Write down everything you eat! Most people have no idea how much they're really consuming."
  • Personal trainer Jamie Norcini, group fitness director at Clay, a gym in New York City. Best advice: "Correct form is everything. You'll get more out of your workout if you stand up straight and engage your abs."
  • Des Moines personal trainer Tim O'Neil. Best advice: "To avoid plateaus, mix up your exercise routines."

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