Health Update: New Tricks to Ditch the Baby Weight

Buddy Up for Babysitting

We know what it's like -- you're so short on time, energy, and childcare these days that when you do have a free minute, squeezing into spandex is the last thing you want to do. In fact, a new study found that women who report lack of childcare as a workout roadblock are 75 percent more likely to be postpartum couch potatoes than those who don't.

Our advice: Team up with a friend in a similar boat. You watch her baby while she sneaks in a jog; she repays the favor when you head to spinning. Working moms can also take advantage of lunch hour for a quickie gym session or neighborhood power walk -- even if you can only step away from your desk once or twice a week, it's still better than not going at all. And know that numerous studies show that working out regularly can actually make you feel less tired in the long run, no matter how draggy you feel before you start.

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