Get Fit After Baby

Banish the Baby Fat

Want other suggestions that'll help you shed pounds? Try these three.

  1. Get enough sleep. We know shut-eye is at a serious premium when you have a baby, but squeezing in a little more may actually help you avoid overeating. According to research, short-term sleep deprivation can cause hormone imbalances that increase your appetite.
  2. Downsize your portions. You piled your plate a little higher when you were expecting, but now it's time to scale back. Research from Pennsylvania State University shows that when you're given a bigger portion, you automatically eat more -- instead of stopping when you're full. An easy way to keep meals small is to always use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate.
  3. Eat breakfast. Having a bowl of whole-grain cereal and a yogurt first thing in the morning revs up your metabolism and helps prevent overeating the rest of the day. In fact, according to studies from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, almost 80 percent of people who have successfully lost weight -- and kept it off -- eat breakfast every day.

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