Gadgets and Attires for Walking

Your Walking Wardrobe

You will need:

Cross-training or walking athletic shoes If you already have a pair, try them on before you trek. Pregnancy can change your feet, altering the fit of the shoe. Make sure you have room in the toe area and no heel slippage.

Athletic socks or peds Don't go sockless. Socks reduce friction, which causes blisters, and add an extra layer of shock absorption.

Sports bra Your ever-changing breasts are going to need some serious support during exercise, so invest in a good bra. Try for a great variety of styles.

Light layers Your comfort level will change as you warm up and cool down during exercise. Layers of cotton or perspiration-wicking fabric such as Coolmax will meet all of your needs.

Originally published in American Baby magazine, August 2004.

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