Fitness After Baby

Exercise with Baby?

Some mothers seek out an exercise class that incorporates baby, or activities such as jogging or cycling with baby in a special stroller or bike trailer. These options are for children 6 months of age and older, because they don't offer enough head and neck support for younger infants. Younger infants also lack the neck strength to support the weight of safety helmets, which must be used with joggers and trailers.

Another option is using an exercise video at home with baby nearby. Just make sure he's secure in an infant seat, high chair, or play yard where he won't get underfoot, and be sure to stow potentially dangerous equipment, such as weights or rubber stretch bands, out of his reach when you're done.

Some health clubs offer child-care services while you work out. Look for a specialized child-care staff rather than trainers or locker-room attendants who double as babysitters; a low staff-to-child ratio (about one adult to four or five children); and clean, inviting facilities stocked with age-appropriate toys.

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