Exercise Tips After Baby

Keeping Things Fresh

If you find that you've hit a plateau in terms of weight loss or fitness level, here are some more ideas to try:

  • If you don't like machine hopping, or you work out on home equipment such as a treadmill, select a different workout program every time. Most machines offer a variety of programs, but they're vastly underused because people tend to do the same things over and over again, says Cunningham. If you get comfortable with a certain speed or routine, it's no longer challenging. You'll get better results if you cycle through all the program options.
  • If you work out to a video, try a new one so a memorized routine doesn't become less effective. You want to keep your body guessing, says Cunningham.
  • For a walking workout, take different routes. And instead of walking every day, mix it up with at-home options such as jumping rope or doing videos.

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