Baby Vision: What Your Little One Sees

Baby's Developing Eyes

Check out how much your baby's eyes will grow and evolve throughout her first year:

Birth: A newborn can see 8 to 12 inches in front of her. At first, she'll have to move her whole head in order to move her eyes.

1 month: Your baby can better fixate on and track objects within 12 to 15 inches. She can determine contrast and see images in black, white, and gray.

2 to 4 months: Baby's eyes can move independently. Also, she should be able to lock onto faraway targets -- she can probably see you at the opposite end of the room.

3 months: A child is seeing more colors, shapes, and textures. Her eyesight is more similar to what we experience as adults.

4 months: More depth perception develops, allowing your baby to see in 3-D.

8 months to 1 year: Ta-da! Baby's vision is almost adultlike -- she can see people and objects from a greater distance.

Originally published in the January 2010 issue of American Baby magazine.

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