The Girlfriends' Guide to Pediatric Eczema: The Basics

Top Ten Reasons Eczema Is a Mommy Guilt Trip

1. Maybe strangers will think we are lax about keeping our kids clean enough. "BUT HE SMELLS LIKE SOAP AND SHAMPOO ALL DAY LONG!"

2. Maybe we're disappointed that our baby's beauty is marred by the rash. "DO THEY MAKE BABY CONCEALING MAKEUP?"

3. Maybe our child is suffering like this because we gave them our own puny genes for hay fever or asthma. "THEY PROBABLY GOT IT FROM US!! YIKES!"

4. Maybe our child is not doing as well as he or she should in school because of the distractions of eczema. "THEY'LL NEVER GET INTO AN IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL!"

5. Maybe the other kids tease ours when they have a flare-up. "OUR DARLING WILL FEEL SOCIALLY ISOLATED AND NEVER HAVE ANY FRIENDS!"

6. Maybe we worry that we are barking too much at our kids because they're wiggling and squirming and scratching so much. "CAN'T YOU JUST SIT STILL FOR ONE MINUTE?!"

7. Maybe we never had eczema, hay fever, or asthma and our husband's side of the family is just crawling with them and we resent them for it. "THEY PROBABLY GOT IT FROM HIM!"

8. Maybe we've asked around and checked online and we're so confused by the conflicting information that we do nothing. "WHEN IN DOUBT, FREEZE!"

9. Maybe we've tried so many remedies that haven't worked that we mostly just hope they'll grow out of it on their own. "IF I CLOSE MY EYES, MAYBE IT WILL BE GONE WHEN I OPEN THEM AGAIN."

10. Maybe we're afraid to go to the doctor because we don't understand the medications that are available and what's in them. "PLEASE DON'T TELL ME MY ONLY OPTION IS SOMETHING THAT CAN HAVE SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS!"

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