How to Protect Baby's Hearing

Hearing Hazards in Your Home

Toys can be louder than your noisiest appliances. Here's how toys (when held close to the ear) and common household items rate.

Vacuum cleaner, hair dryer: 70 Decibels

Dishwasher: 75 Decibels

Washing machine: 78 Decibels

Lawn mower, blender: 85-90 Decibels

LeapFrog Learning Lily: 90 Decibels

Little People Dump Truck: 92 Decibels

High School Musical Hip Pop Dance Jammer: 96 Decibels

Bob the Builder Deluxe Talking Tool Belt: 96 Decibels

Tonka Lights and Sounds Hummer: 97 Decibels

Tickle Me Elmo: 100 Decibels

Hannah Montana Holiday Pop Star: 105 Decibels

Transformers Optimus Prime Voice Changer: 110 Decibels

Sources: NIDCD (appliances); University of California, Irvine (toys)

Rachelle Vander Schaaf, a mother of two, lives in eastern Pennsylvania.

Originally published in the June issue of American Baby magazine.

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