Understanding My Daughter's Dwarfism

Abby's Future

Abigail's medical worries are behind her. But my husband and I still dread the day when Abby realizes she's a little person -- not because it's a problem for us, but because we know she has to live and succeed in a big person's world. Everything from school desks to cars and restrooms are made for average-size people. We know that some days will be harder than other; elementary school is sure to include some taunting. And dating is likely to be a challenge, too.

But I believe God gives us what we need to handle personal challenges, and he was kind enough to give Abby an extra helping of charm and spirit. People gravitate toward her; they are engaged by her warmth, her exuberance. They smile when she looks at them.

"Special" sounds trite, but it applies. She is always laughing and often swaggers when she walks, a bit like John Wayne. And she doesn't just enter a room; she owns it.

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