Understanding My Daughter's Dwarfism

What Is Dwarfism?

To weather the storm, we wrapped ourselves around every morsel of information we could find about dwarfism. It occurs in 1 out of 25,000 births, and there are more than 200 types; some are accompanied by serious mental and/or physical challenges beyond stature.

The most common type is achondroplasia, which is what our daughter has. In this condition, there is disproportional short stature -- the head and trunk are of average size or larger, but the arms and legs are shortened, resulting in less-than-average height at every stage of development and markedly shorter stature in adulthood.

Achondroplasia does not affect intelligence; people with this condition can and do live healthy lives. And 85 percent of them are born to parents of average height. That fact still amazes us.

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