A New Face for Nicole

A Fateful Phone Call

That was when I came across an article on the Internet that described a new type of surgery performed by a husband-and-wife surgical team, Drs. David Jimenez and Constance Barone, in Columbia, Missouri. The technique was performed with an endoscope, which meant it was much less invasive. By then, I was totally frustrated with the doctors we had already seen. No one seemed able to give us a straight answer about exactly how much surgery Nicole would need and how much longer we would have to wait. I felt we had nothing to lose by exploring this new option. So I called Dr. Jimenez directly.

He patiently answered my questions for 45 minutes. He seemed to understand what Kelly and I were going through. And he encouraged us to bring Nicole to Columbia so he and his wife could examine her. We knew we were risking alienating Nicole's local doctors, but it seemed worth it. So we packed up the car and made the 14-hour trip from our home in North Carolina to Missouri.

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