A New Face for Nicole

What's Wrong with Her?

We tried to take his advice, but we were both concerned about the lack of straight answers from the different physicians who had examined Nicole. And when we got a look at the new-baby picture the hospital had taken of her, we became more and more apprehensive. Kelly and I thought we were seeing something no one else did. But our parents said they noticed it too. Because nothing had changed, we eagerly awaited Nicole's one-week postnatal doctor's appointment. We expected our pediatrician to tell us what was wrong; instead, he told us he didn't know anything more about her condition. "Let's wait three months before we start any testing," he said. "Maybe it's just taking longer for her head to move back into shape."

Three months seemed like a long time to wait when it came to our baby's health. Within weeks, Nicole's head had become dramatically longer, thinner, and more misshapen. She was having trouble breathing through her nose; the increasing bend in it left only one nostril open.

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