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When will my child's molars come in?

The four front top and bottom teeth are generally followed by the first molars at about 12 months, leaving gaps in the middle of the gum lines. These will eventually be filled by the pointy canine teeth. Finally, you'll see those far-back second molars, aptly nicknamed the 2-year molars. Once your 3-year-old has all her baby teeth, she's ready to chomp on crunchier foods, and you'll have a few years to prepare for exciting round two: when the Tooth becomes the Loose Tooth.

What's the best way to soothe teething pain?

"It breaks your heart to see your child uncomfortable," says Dr. Beauchamp. "The best remedies are cold and pressure: Cold slightly numbs the area, and pressure provides a counter sensation that feels good. Wet a washcloth, stick it in the freezer for 30 to 60 minutes, and let your child chew on it." Or you can chill some teething rings.

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