Help! My Baby's Teething.

More Mom-Tested Tricks

I would puree fruit or squeeze fruit from those organic packages into ice-cube trays. When they were frozen I would put one in a mesh feeder and my son would go crazy for them. They helped soothe his gums while giving him a healthy snack. -- Amber P., Indianapolis, IN

I bought every teether I could find just to have a variety for my little guy. The change in shape, size and texture really helped him. --Amberlee Foster, Fort Mill, SC

My son, Cohen, is six months old and the best teething trick we've found for him is "Sophie," the giraffe teether. We've got everything else out there, but "Sophie" is the one that works the best, and is definitely his favorite! --Elizabeth Kent, Cibolo, TX

I used frozen watermelon or other fruit that you can cut big enough so they don't choke. She used to suck and chew on it until her gums felt better. --Amber Hardy, Centennial, CO

I would take those mesh baby feeders and put ice in them. This worked great when we were away from home and I didn't have a teething toy on hand. --Dinah Campbell, Colorado Springs, CO

We froze Go-Gurts for my daughter. She loved them! To this day she thinks that's how you're supposed to eat them. --Jennifer Carter, Mary Esther, FL

When I was a nanny for twins, I would give them a cloth diaper to chew on. --Jennifer Bitman, Macomb, MI

A really cold teaspoon that we would continually dip in ice water. This was a big help when we went to a restaurant. We'd get a big glass of ice water and put five or six spoons in it, just in case they threw one on the floor. --James Higgins San Diego, CA

We used frozen crinkle-cut French fries. Whenever our son started to drool a lot or was fussy, we knew that a new tooth was coming through, so we would grab one fry from the fridge and let him chew on it. --Mandy M. True, Omaha, NE

My son loves to chew on a wooden spoon. It calms him down and keeps him busy so he forgets about the pain. --Claire Chen, Parker, CO

Cinnamon sticks were a lifesaver! Cinnamon is said to be a natural analgesic, they're hard and they don't splinter. --Kelly Neville-Erwin, Baltimore, MD

A relative told me to try ginger snaps because the ginger supposedly helps; it's what she used on her son when we were all little. I tried it and, sure enough, it helped. Gave her something yummy to gnaw on, too. --Holly Hewitt, Bonham, TX

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