Help! My Baby's Teething.

More Teething Tips

My little guy loved to gnaw on frozen mango when he was teething. I loved that it helped him and was also good for him. --Autumn Murray, Littleton, CO

Being the oldest of six and having five of my own, I've found that teething biscuits and a teething ring that vibrates when they chew on it work wonders. Also, give them ice cream in small amounts. --Miriam Landwehr, Cloverdale, OH

We would freeze bananas for our kids to chew on. It`s messy, but they both loved it and, unlike teething rings, it gets to your back teeth. --Anja Lahocki, Savannah, GA

Frozen waffles. They taste good, the cold helps soothe gums and the little squares catch the drool. --Justine Garza, Quakertown, PA

I would wet some baby washcloths and freeze them. I stuck wax paper between each one in a freezer-safe container to keep them from sticking together. My kids loved chewing on them because they were soft and contoured easily to their sore gums. --Jen Moringelli, Hainesport, NJ

I tried everything, but nothing would calm my little boy down. As a last-ditch effort, I placed his bottle nipple in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes before a feeding. After three consecutive tear-free bottles, I found that was the trick that worked for us. --Rebecca Wilcox-Ball, currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan

My son Skylar was picky. We tried everything from wet washcloths to Tylenol to Orajel, and the only thing that worked was put his pacifier in the freezer. He loved it, and we always had a few ready to use in case he dropped one. -- Brandy Greene, Granite Falls, NC

My twins would not use anything cold for teething. I found the best thing for them was letting them gnaw on a toothbrush. It was effective and easy for them to manipulate. They're 19 months now and this is especially handy when they start getting their molars. Just be sure to keep a close eye on them for choking. And once they do get teeth, watch for them chewing and pulling the bristles. --Heather Ethridge, Mobile, AL

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