Help! My Baby's Teething.

Tackle common teething troubles with these inventive solutions from real moms.
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Washcloths and binkys that I keep in the freezer. --Valerie Newman, Palm Springs, CA

Frozen whole wheat bagels-- my daughter loved them and they were good for her, too! --Jillian Whitlow, Timberlake, NC

We used Baby Orajel and popsicles. We use the teething rings now, but she wouldn't chew on them till just a few weeks ago. --Caitlyn Dunaway, Louisville, KY

Frozen fruit cut up small--strawberries, melon, cucumber and watermelon cut into spears. And his vibrating teether. --Sulen Rodriguez, Whittier, CA

My son's amber teething necklace worked wonders for him. He would wear it and not even realize it was there. --Molly Sain, Hickory, NC

A washcloth soaked in water and apple juice and then frozen. My 8-month-old son also loves teething bagels from Big Apple Bagel! --Stacy Houltberg, Ottumwa, IA

My son hates teething rings but loves chewing on his fingers, so I got him a teether shaped like a hand and he loves chewing on it. That and Infants' Advil are my lifesavers. --Ashley Kottmyer, Shippensburg, PA

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