Baby Teeth & Teething

Teething can be an ordeal for your baby - and you! Learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of teething, find out when babies start teething, plus get advice on how to ease your baby's pain. Plus expert advice on how to care for your baby's teeth, and when to make your first dentist appointment.

Your Baby's Teething Timeline

Teething is a painful process for both mom and baby. Learn more about the signs of teething, plus the soothing remedies that will ease this uncomfortable baby milestone. Here's the help you need to take the bite out of it.

Baby Teeth: Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect and how to care for your baby's new teeth.

Dr. Alan Greene on Delayed Teething

My 1-year-old has no teeth yet.

7 Tips for Baby Tooth Care

Now that your baby's teeth are on their way in, it's time to start taking care of them. Even though this set will only be around for a short time, their health is essential to your baby's gums and those future permanent teeth. Make sure your baby's new teeth get the best care. Here are some practical tips.

How to Soothe a Teething Baby

Learn when your baby's teeth may appear, and what to do if they cause discomfort coming in.

Expert Teething Advice

No doubt about it: Cutting a new tooth is painful for Baby -- and you. Luckily, we have the answers to your biggest teething questions from some top experts.

The Surprising Truth About Cavities

If you think your child is too young to need a dentist, you're wrong -- her teeth are at risk long before she's tasted her first piece of candy.

Best Teething Toys

Here are some of our favorite teething toys help relieve your baby's discomfort and soothe sore gums.

When Do Babies Start Teething?

At what age do babies start teething? Find out more about how baby's teething affects physical development. Think you love your baby's gummy grin now? Wait until cute little chompers make an appearance.

Baby's First Teeth

Penelope Leach, Ph.D., gives advice on what to do when your baby's first teeth come in.

Mom-Tested Teething Advice

Our teething advice will help you take a bite out of this often painful milestone.

A Rise in Body Temp During Teething Probably Isn't a Fever

A teething child's temperature doesn't usually rise enough to be considered a fever, according to a new AAP report.

How to Brush Baby's Teeth

Even if she's still all gums, you can take steps to keeping her heart-melting smile healthy. Use these tips when brushing baby's teeth.

Dental Experts Remind Parents, Toddlers Need to Visit Dentist by Age 1

While toddlers may only have a few teeth, experts say they need to be seen by a dentist within the first year of life. Dr. Paul Casamassimo, chief of Dentistry, explains that taking a proactive approach to infant oral care can make a difference that will last a life time. Watch as he provides some helpful information for parents and says that having tooth decay in baby teeth could affect a toddler's permanent teeth. Courtesy of Nationwide Childrens Hospital

Help! My Baby's Teething.

Tackle common teething troubles with these inventive solutions from real moms.

The Whole Tooth

Your baby is building a beautiful smile, but you hate to see him suffering from teething pain. We have soothing strategies to help you both grin and bear it.

Teething: Time Frame

Dr. Allan Greene answers the question, How long does it take for my baby's teeth to appear?

Baby-Teeth Basics

Steer your toddler clear of the dentist's drill -- and protect that perfect smile.

Babying Little Teeth

Even though your baby's primary teeth fall out, taking care of them is critical. We tell you the best way to clean your child's teeth.

The Fight Against Cavities: How to Care for Babies' Teeth

Tooth decay isn't something to brush off: It's actually the most common childhood disease. Save your kid's smile with these healthy habits.

The Surprising Thing That Can Boost Your Baby's Odds of Cavities

Researchers in Japan has discovered yet another reason to stub out your cigarettes: your baby's teeth.

7 Tips on Baby Tooth Care

Practical tips for keeping baby's brand-new teeth healthy.

Baby Teeth Basics

Throughout your child's second year, all of his baby teeth will come in. We tell you how to care for them and when it's time to see a dentist.