Rumbly in the Tummy: How to Treat Stomach-Related Illnesses

Green Diarrhea

What You See (and Smell): Green, rank diarrhea

The Diagnosis: Rotavirus

This seasonal virus is most common November to April. If baby's poop suddenly becomes greener, more frequent, and more foul-smelling than usual, chances are she has rotavirus -- especially if she also has a fever, is vomiting, and shows signs of belly pain, like fussiness and drawing her legs to her chest. The virus is the most common childhood cause of potentially severe diarrhea, and its symptoms are usually very treatable.

Treat It: Ever run a 5K on a hot, humid day -- without drinking much throughout? If you remember how you felt (very parched), that may be how baby feels if she becomes too dehydrated from rotavirus. So keep up her normal fluid intake -- breastmilk or formula for babies and milk or Pedialyte for children 1 year and older. Symptoms should subside within eight days, but call the doctor right away if baby seems lethargic or cries without tears. Also call if your child has less than two wet diapers daily for more than the first couple of days.

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