Gotta Have It: A Super-Convenient Toddler Travel System

It's a sad day when your toddler leaves the travel system days behind. Going on a trip? Goodbye handy-dandy all-in-one, hello octopus arms for the stroller, car seat, diaper bag, sack of distractions, and -- oh yeah, your squirmy kid.
Orbit's Toddler Car Seat and Stroller

Courtesy of Orbit Baby, Inc.

Now you can end your pack-mule existence, thanks to the stroller gurus at Orbit Baby. Their new Toddler Car Seat works as an upgrade to Orbit Infant System, beloved by celebs like Jessica Alba and Tori Spelling. Like all travel systems, Orbit's has a car seat that securely docks into a stroller base for all-in-one-ease. But unlike others that become obsolete once baby graduates to a bigger car seat, Orbit's system lets you swap the infant seat with a toddler version.

Available in black/slate or mocha/khaki, the Toddler Car Seat fits kids up to 50 pounds, snaps into the Orbit Infant System stroller base, and swivels 360 degrees so your kid can ride facing forward, backward, or sideways. (For everyday use, there's a Toddler Stroller Seat, available in the same colors, and holding kids up to 40 pounds.) Pregnant? Think ahead and register for the whole shebang now -- you might never need to go car seat or stroller shopping again.

The Orbit Infant System retails for $899 (includes infant car seat), the Toddler Car Seat for $300, and a Toddler Stroller Seat for $179. For more information, go to

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