Lightweight Strollers

Leave the bulky stroller at home and push your tot around in one of these lightweight options.

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Thayer Allyson Gowdy

Walk this way!

Looking for an easier stroller to transport everywhere? These lightweight strollers are sometimes called "umbrella" strollers because they fold up small and can be carried around. We've rounded up our favorite brightly colored lightweight picks, most suitable for babies 6 months and older.

The citrus-hued Groove sports a reclining seat and giant shady canopy for Baby and tall handles for Mom. You'll both be 100 percent comfy during day trips. ($200;

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Model perfect

Model-mom Heidi Klum designed her Truly Scrumptious Scope with a wide seat and basket. ($100;

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Grow with it

The Jet weighs just 11 pounds but can cart a kiddo who weighs 50! ($60;

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Carry on

Thanks to handy straps, you can wear Quinny's Yezz like a backpack until you're ready to plunk Peewee in it. ($280;

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Double duty

Here's a lightweight you can use from Day One. The backrest of the Liteway Plus folds down so you can click on a car seat. Genius! ($180;

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Meet the Umbrella Stroller

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Courtesy of Sears

What a Character

If your preschooler only needs an occasional seat on a long outing (we're thinking theme parks here!), you could use one of the Disney Character Umbrella Strollers, from Delta. ($25;

Originally published in the June 2013 issue of American Baby magazine.

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