Gotta Have It: Strollometer

You may be getting more exercise than you think on those walks with the baby.

When your days are booked solid with feeding, diaper changes, and naptimes (the baby's and yours), finding time and childcare to go to the gym seems like a pipe dream. How are you supposed to lose the baby weight when you can barely even find time to take a shower?

Well, here's the good news: You're probably getting a lot of exercise already and don't even know it. To prove it, strap the Strollometer onto your stroller and go. Invented by New York-based mama Adi Weber, who wanted a way to quantify the exercise she was getting behind the stroller, this handy strap-on pedometer wirelessly calculates your speed, distance, and time. It's weatherproof, tells you the time and temperature, and fits onto any stroller -- jogging or your plain old umbrella.

Weber was pleasantly surprised to learn she was walking approximately 6.5 miles a day with her baby. Who knows how much ground you're already covering? If you know how far you're walking, you can push yourself to go a little farther each day. Between breastfeeding (which can burn up to 500 calories a day), and those miles-long sessions pushing the baby, you may never have to set foot in a gym again.

The Strollometer is part of the Parent Inventors collection at Target and retails for $45.95.

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